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Well I suppose this is better late than never!  After a few bumps with my computer melt down and internet ups and downs I think I’m ready to conclude my thoughts on Social Software.

It’s hard to say which tool I enjoyed the most because they each have their purpose and are useful in their own ways.  On a personal and professional  note I throughly enjoyed Blogs, Wikis and Social Bookmarking.  In terms of Blogs I think I really liked its purpose for a distance course and would like to see more courses make use of them, though I’m not sure I recommend wordpress, due to its speed and strange frusterating quirks.  I’m eager to get blogging with my collegues at work as we have a large group of individuals interested in the use of Social Software Tools in our corporate environment.  As for blogging on a personal level, like an online journal, not so much for me! 

As for the wiki, again I am very excited to get this off the ground at work and start making use of it.  We focus alot of our work around policy and standards development and I think using a wiki as a stomping ground for SME’s (subject matter experts) to collaborate and work on specific policies there are many benifits to using wiki technologies.  Further, we are continuously creating glossaries, and acronym lists and this again would be a great forum to conduct this sort of develompment work.

As for Social Bookmarking, this is something I’ve already got people hooked on and I’m quite excited about it!  I’ve got them using delicious as a piolot experiment at the moment.  Many of us are constantly doing research and often our topics overlap.  Now we’re sharing resources in a much more condusive way (no long sending random links via email).  The meta tagging or folksonomy ability has been my biggest selling feature.

As for what could have been done better in terms of this course, i have tried to think of something but I simply can’t.  I was very pleased with the way we incorporated all of the tools we talked about and put them to use in a practical way.  The case studies along with the readings really grounded the topics for me.

All in all this was a fantastic couse and I would most certainly recommend it to upcomming students!

 Thanks everyone for a great term, interesting comments/discussions and an opportunity to try all the things I wanted to but didn’t have time to test before this course.  I think I now spend 25% more time on my computer now though! hahaha  But I believe its for the greater good of communication in the new age!

Happy Holidays! 



December 14, 2006 at 6:56 pm 2 comments

Week 12 Case study & Reply to Week 12 Comments — thx for the chat!!

I’ll start with the case study stuff then go from there 😉

How libraries are using Library Thing  – this was the case study I jumped to first!  I believe I’ve already ranted about the fun I’ve had with this on a personal level (even added the blog widget to my blog J ).  I think it’s fun to see how libraries are making use of it.  I think it’s a great way to advertise new books.  It’s subtle but fun.  The Atlantic Public Library shows the book pic along the left (which links to Amazon) and the hyper-linked title beside it goes to Library Thing showing the rating, other books with similar tags, etc. – all the fun stuff library thing offers.  I think this is exciting because it’s just another way libraries are getting on board with social software where appropriate!! 

Why do I say where appropriate?  I’ve been catching up with my commenting and reading of our classmates blogs and I’ve noticed some questions concerning the appropriateness/usefulness of libraries jumping into my space.  In terms of the whole “meeting the teens where they are” stuff, I think I agree with many of my colleagues, and that is to say libraries may not be able to jump that far from the boat to meet the teens on their turf, it’s kinda like a parent “cleaning” a teens room to be nice, it’s not perceived as nice it’s perceived as annoying and intrusive.  In fact I ran this discussion by my sister to see what she’d think of this whole my space + libraries discussion and she said and I quote “not interested” yet she’s only interested in IM reference.  Oh and that reminds me in response to the IM reference and my sister, I confirmed with her that it was 99.9% quick reference questions – Good question Shauna-Lee.  Anything requiring in-depth research she did herself through the website J As for the close – she said she says thanks for the help lol and good bye when she’s done.  99% of the time she closes not the librarian…interesting!! 

Okay since I’m already doing it I’m also going to address Heather’s comment to my last post regarding the lack of use on the corporate IM system at work à  I too find it hard to believe that they don’t use it.  In fact, it’s driving me so crazy I’m now working on a Lunch and Learn presentation to promote its use, and I’m working with another team member to build a list of guiding principles (no body likes the word rules) and some “best practices” to set the comfort level.  As for the policy that’s a whole ball game of its own but I say lets use it if we have it, even if it’s as Heather said to plan lunch lol 😉

November 30, 2006 at 1:37 am 3 comments

Random post — 28 Days Till Christmas!! – Online Xmas Lists

This is somewhat random yet somewhat relevant (and I apologize if someone else has already discussed this as I’m a little behind on commenting but working my way towards catching up!)

Okay so: Your Christmas List online – social networking for Santa?  My sister who is rather addicted to social software tools has recently circulated her online xmas list to our family so we are ever so prepared for her xmas needs this year J (Recall my sister is the one who only uses the library reference service through IM and only as a absolute last resort uses the archaic form of communication called the telephone!)  Anyway, I think its kinda fun and thought I’d toss it out there for those of you who are interested to take a look and comment if your up to it! 

Back to catch up & final paper for me!


November 28, 2006 at 2:31 am 4 comments

Week 12 Reading Post: Let the Blogging Resume – Podcasting, Flckr and lots to say!

My thoughts on Podcasting…At first I wasn’t sure what the big deal was, but after reading the excellent presentation from this week (really clearly laid out and in my opinion much easier to get into than the wikipedia article – well done!!) and the first two articles I can see what the hype is all about.  It is definitely an interesting way of disseminating information I like the idea of mixing up traditional broadcasts, etc and trying new and innovative things like the lawyer described in the second article from this week.  My first reaction was how different is podcasting from traditional radio broadcasts, etc., but now I see there is so much more that can be done with podcasting aside from the recording capacity.  Not to mention the fact that the potential continues to grow at rapid speeds in the library and academic worlds.   

I was thinking about uses in the library and the idea of bringing more and more of the traditional in library services to the virtual realm and I started to think about the story telling class I took last summer.  Storytelling is such a fantastic way to engage the kids.  However, the reality is that not everyone can bring their children to the library as often as they’d like, in fact I can only imagine how many kids a hard time getting to the library to participate in the live story telling event.  Similarly I recognize that some children do not have the internet at home, but I still see podcasting married with storytelling and new innovations to bring it further ahead than traditional stories on tape as a huge step towards serving more and more of our untapped populations in the public library world. Further we could get the tweens and teens involved in volunteer programs where they create the pod casts, learn to use the audio equipment, and practice their story telling, skills to the benefit of the younger library population.   

My thoughts on IM…in the work place we have it and don’t use it and I don’t understand why!!!  We have SharePoint 2003 and it has IM capabilities but nobody uses it, some claim its because we lack policies surrounding it, however, its internal not external, policies are out there and can easily be manipulated to suit our needs.  Policies exist regarding MSN or IM to the outside world, and their quite simple it’s not allowed, perhaps this is a contributor to the inhibitions we have with our internal IM, I’m not sure.  Yet another “low buy-in situation” in the corporate world where I work…strange!  

In contrast my younger sister’s generation lives and breaths IM.  She avoids the phone like the plague and is rather grumpy when MSN is not the answer to our communication needs!  She has only ever used reference services at her university through IM and probably always will.  To her this is the answer to library services.  In fact, I’m not even sure she’s set foot in the library, but is about to embark on post graduate education.  Thankfully she is quite proficient in the world of electronic research and communicates regularly with the library through IM.  

Since I’m on about IM now I loved the best practices section in the “IM me” article (definitely worth adding to our own collection of Social Software “best practices”).  The second article on IM, the AOL case study at first seems like a really good plug/marketing attempt for AOL – but I like the idea of using what they already know and I like that you can target students with dial up or without the ability to make a long distance call etc.  As for the being away bit – showing away with a message makes the most sense.  To me it isn’t any different than the “back in 5 min” sign left at the desk if a reference library isn’t available.   

My Thought on Flickr (almost done! Sorry for the lengthy post I’ve been away 3 weeks!!
Reading week and then two simultaneous blog breaks for my move…I just have so much to make up for 😉

My thoughts on Flickr begin on a personal note: it’s so great for my family to keep in touch and up to date with pics!  My sister, and I are all over the place with school and my mom is a photo fanatic!  I introduced her to Flickr a few months ago and every month she uses her monthly limit to keep me up to date on babies in the family, her spoiled Chihuahua Trouble (who recently had his pictures professionally taken), and recently we’ve been using it for her to show me samples of wedding “things” she’s preparing for me from a distance.   

As for the uses in the library the first Flickr article from this weeks readings does a great job outlining the possibilities and again I think the “policy heads-up” section is another great contribution to our best practices work for this course.  I also thought the 16 Ways to Use Flickr @ Your Library blog post was great!  I particularly liked #14 “Create a VIRTUAL TRAVELOGUE of your city or town.”  It’s a fun twist on a typical travel blog and it highlights your own town.  Just having moved to
Whitby I would have loved to check something like this out to get acquainted with my new place!

Okay I’m done for tonight and I’ll resume with the case studies/catching up on my commenting this week once I can say I am officially unpacked and settled in!  Thanks everyone for you nice posts regarding my move!!  Cheers!

November 23, 2006 at 3:36 am 6 comments

Week 11: Second blog post break…

Well the move went as smoothly as any move can be expected to go!  Thanks for the comments and best move wishes 😉  We’re still working the kinks out of the internet connection at home so I’m at a friends posting this quickly on dial up if you can believe it!! haha  With that being said I’m using this as yet another perfect opportunity to take my final blogging break.  Sorry they were consecutive!!  We hope to have the net back up again asap so I will post my comments and catch up hopefully by the weekend.  I’ll be back next week for sure now that I’ve run out of breaks!  Thanks again for deciding to implement them they were truly life savers!!


November 16, 2006 at 12:26 am 28 comments

Week 10: Blogging Break you say?

Finding that we are able to take blogging breaks couldn’t have come at a better time.  My fiance and I are in the process of moving from London to Whitby this comming weekend so things have been a little hectic.  That being said I will take this week for my first blogging break!  Be Back Next Week!

November 8, 2006 at 2:14 pm 2 comments

Week 8 Reading Response

Having already read the Wikipedia Folsonomy article before this class began, I almost didn’t revisit it.  However, I’m glad that I did because it now makes so much more sense after the discussions on the topic and especially the group presentation (well done!!) on Social Bookmarking, Tagging and Folksonomies.  The external links and the see also section are endless, but all worth checking out at some point.  Some of this weeks readings are listed there. 

Info Tangle’s article, by Ellyssa Kroski, is one of those listed in the Wikipeidia article!  I enjoyed the part where Kroski quotes’s Joshua Schachter who says social bookmarking is, “basically a way to remember in public.”  This is it!  This is exactly why I’m falling in love with these tools! Kroski follow’s Schachter’s quote with “for taggers, it’s not about the right or the wrong way to categorize something and it’s not about the accuracy or authority, it’s about remembering”.  Even as a librarian that’s exactly what it’s about for me J. 

The article itself was a great summary of the variety of tools you find in the social bookmarking realm.  While reading this article I finally took the time to check out the 43Things site and it was quite interesting as the article states, it’s a global to-do list and records all the things you want to do and mean to do and you can see who else has the same goals.  It’s worth checking our for fun if you haven’t already. 

èFolksonomies = Inclusive & Current AND Taxonomies = Exclusionary & Hierarchical àWhile each has it’s purpose, pros and cons, are associated with both Folksonomies and Taxonomies.   Kroski’s article does a great job at highlighting the differences. 

The Folksonomies: power to the people article, was good, a bit dense, but good.  This line stuck in my head: “The point here is that we have gone past a critical mass of connectivity between people that introduced a new revolutionary ability to communicate, collaborate and share goods online.” 

The white-paperish thing article, was pretty interesting, to see the way we were thinking about “sharing goods online” in 2003 and where we are with it now.  It would have been even more interesting to see what they would have done with this idea if they’d had the resources to get it off the ground. 

Unfortunately I couldn’t get to the Corante: Many 2 Many article as I kept getting an error message L.  Hopefully some others were able to and I can read their feedback!

October 25, 2006 at 1:18 pm 2 comments

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