Rojo VS Netvibes: Netvibes All the Way

September 27, 2006 at 3:41 pm 2 comments

I can’t say, after poking around and registering a test/play account with Rojo, I’d make the switch from Bloglines to Rojo as my aggregator.  Now I may be out of the loop and I may have missed out on finding and understanding the “unique” features Rojo boasts, but I found it more difficult and confusing to use than Bloglines.  Adding new feeds beyond the feeds they added for me upon registration, was not an easy task by any means.  Rojo claims to have been selected as the “best of the Web” for blog reading by the Editors of Business Week, but I’m not sure how.  I admit I’m very new to this RSS business but I’d like to think that with some good help screens I’d be able to make it work for me, unfortunately it did not and my vote is that it is user UN-friendly.  Their help menu didn’t have a search option and the bits it offered you were frustrating!  I visited the “Feed Reading 101” section and after clicking the “Subscribing to Feeds” link I was ultimately lead to an Error screen.  Then because I was in the help section I had a terrible time trying to navigate my way back to My Feeds.  When you click on home it doesn’t take you back your Feeds it takes you to a welcome screen prompting you to sign up again, so you don’t know if your still signed in or if you have to log in again!  You have to click on the sub-link under the home link “visit” before you can see your feeds again.  Maybe reading the feeds in Rojo is nice but I wouldn’t know I was so frustrated at this point that because I couldn’t add my own feeds that I had no interest reading the feeds they signed me up for.  The display screen looked reasonable but all in all I felt Rojo was a very frustrating experience for me and it would be very unlikely for me to visit it again.  I will now have to find out how to cancel the account if its possible, but I’ll need to leave that for another day when I’m not as aggravated 😉

WOW Netvibes was so different from Rojo.  It was fun to look at, easy to use, and sign up was simple.  You can edit each of the windows right there to show your feed in a news page format that you can click and edit instantly!  Adding a feed took me 2 seconds and I didn’t even have to hunt around in help to figure it out!  Definitely user friendly and I will definitely keep the test account I set up!  You can link your Gmail account, add photos, and so much more haha!  I don’t have as much to say about Netvibes as Rojo but everything I do have to say is positive!  I really enjoyed this one.


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Week 4 Reading Response: RSS Week 4 Case Studies: RSS & the Library

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  • 1. Kathryn  |  October 1, 2006 at 3:14 pm

    Echo! Echo! Echo! Vicki, I am in absolute agreement with your reviews of Rojo and Netvibes.

    I was unimpressed that I had to resort to Rojo’s “help” menu at all, so to find it so unhelpful was doubly frustrating. Nojo for me. I have given up on trying to figure it out. I think I got about as far as you did in my exploration of Rojo – and matched you frustration for frustration.

    Likewise, I am keeping my test account with Netvibes. The fact that I followed Rojo with Netvibes made my appreciation of Netvibes user-friendliness verging on pathetic. I am going to take tme working through Netvibes and customizing my accoung – but not becuase it’s difficult to use, rather because it offers so much and is so easy to use. Hallelujah Netvibes.

  • 2. Luxury  |  June 21, 2013 at 1:56 am

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