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OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) should be simple, but I’m having a tough time wrapping my head around it.  The article on OMPL 2.0 draft spec was interesting but I needed some background first so I hit the Wikipedia article on OPML.  Aha! Though it’s not crystal clear I think I understand it a bit more.  I was confused by what they mean by, an OPML is a format for outlines.  I didn’t really see the link with RSS feeds until I read Wikipeida, who puts it simply and says OPML is now commonly used to “exchange lists of RSS feeds between RSS aggregators”.  Beyond this I found the Wikipedia article little too technical but I think I get it enough to see how libraries can use OPML to offer groups or bundles of “feeds” on the same topic.  Rather than add each feed individually, they can offer an OPML link that would allow the users to subscribe to all the new library events eg., children’s events and adult events under the heading of event. Or in the case of academic libraries the user can subscribe to all the feeds on Canada Heath as an example from the University of Manitoba.  Hopefully I’m on board and understand OPML, I’ll have to check out the other course blogs to see if I’m on page. J 

Stephen’s OPML Generator was really good at explaining OPML in a simple way that I understand!  Wish I had checked this out before the other sites haha.  It was relatively easy to create my own OPML compiling about 5 feeds that I like to read regularly (at least I think I’ve done it right).


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Feed2JS vs RSS2HTML Week 6: The readings, the case studies and the back end of wikis…

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